Uralic Information Centre

The Uralic Information Centre (UIC) is operated at the Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics, Institute for Historical and Uralic Linguistics.

The aim of UIC is to provide a platform for linguists working on Uralic languages where they can present new ideas, new results and share information of all kinds pertaining to the study of Uralic languages.

The website of UIC provides a list of calls and conferences involving Uralic languages.

We are ready to announce jobs and fellowships accessible to specialists in Uralic languages.

A forum for the presentation of new results is a talk series scheduled for 2 pm CET of the last Wednesday of each month of the academic year. We invite talks on any aspect of any Uralic language or languages in any theoretical framework.

We build a database of manuscripts and dissertations, and we announce recent publications on Uralic languages, including links to the new issues of linguistic journals focusing on Uralic.  

We also build a directory of useful links, listing institutions of Uralic studies, societies of Uralists, databases of Uralic languages, etc.

Please, provide us with information to share; help us build the website and the databases of UIC. Information should be sent to Ditta Szabó, Uralic Information Centre: hvp@alghq.uh