Prizes and awards established by the Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics

József Herman Prize for Young Researchers

The Research Institute for Linguistics (RIL HAS), the predecessor of NYTK, established the József Herman Prize for Young Researchers, which was first awarded in 2011, in order to recognize our common responsibility for the rising generations of researchers. Another reason for founding this prize was that while the Young Researcher Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA/HAS) is awarded for researchers under 35 years of age every year, a similar prize does not exist for linguists outside the realm of the Academy. This prize is awarded to professionals aged 35 or under who can demonstrate and document a scientific and publishing record of international significance.


György Szépe Publication Prize

The Research Institute for Linguistics (RIL HAS), the predecessor of NYTK, established this prize in 2014 with the aim of encouraging its researchers to publish high quality international publications. The basic requirement for winning this prize is the publication of a scientific article in an ERIH INT1 or INT2 journal (except Acta Linguistica Hungarica). Every year, two prizes are awarded, each accompanied by 200.000 HUF at present. The prize is only open to senior research fellows and researchers ranking lower than that. If there are more than two publications meeting the criteria in a given year, the Directorate General (if necessary with the involvement of the IT) will rank them. In all cases of equal quality, the lower-ranked researcher will be given priority.


Director-General’s Recognition

In 2018, the director-general of the Research Institute for Linguistics, the predecessor of NYTK, established a new award, the Director’s Recognition – today the Director-General’s Recognition –, to recognize the work of the Institute’s workers who are not researchers. Those colleagues win this award who have been carrying out their duties with maximum dedication for a long time to the satisfaction of all colleagues, thus contributing to the success and effectiveness of the scientific work carried out at the Institute. The Director-General’s Recognition, which is accompanied by a cash prize (max. HUF 150,000 at present) and a certificate, is awarded to one colleague per year.


Péter Hajdú Visiting Researcher Scholarship

Last awarded in 2014.